Dattatra Vagharia is a 102-year-old man who wants to break the record for the oldest man. There is only one problem - he must find a way to change the sadness and bad behavior of his 75-year-old son.

Dattatra (Amitabh Bachchan) is a living 102-year-old who lives his life to the maximum. Even though he is 102 years old, his heart is that of a 26 year old boy. He enjoys life and enjoys everything. His son Babu (Ishi Kapoor) is exactly the opposite. He believes that now he is too old to enjoy life and live a routine life. 

Dattatra wants to break the record of the oldest person on earth, who is currently being held by a Chinese man. To do that he would have to live another 16 years. But, in order to maintain his health in order to live such a long life, he has to stay away from negative mental people. So, she decides to send her son to a nursing home. Babu is very sad and worried about living in old age as he has been in the habit of staying at home and sleeping for many years. Dattatra agreed not to send Babu to the old age home on the condition that he meet certain conditions, which his father regularly imposed on him..

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