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Saturday, 11 September 2021

FlashBomb APK 2021


FlashBomb APK 2021

Can’t go outside? Is it hard to stay home all day?
No problem! We can dance at home just like in a nightclub! lol
Anytime, Anywhere! You can make nightclub moods with FLASHBOMB!

As music plays,
As you shake your phone,
As you touch your screen,
Your phone lights flash!

With Disco Flash you will turn your mobile phone into an authentic Stroboscope or Flash like that of the discos.

The application consists of a flashing white LED flashlight to the rhythm of the music or automatic with 10 different speeds, which will give a disco light effect.

The intensity of the light is not the maximum, so it spends much less battery.

The Music function works by bringing the device closer to the speaker where the music is playing. Approach it more or less depending on the volume at which the music is playing.

For convenience, the screen will remain on while the ON button is pressed.

Open the Disco application Flash, play music, place your Smartphone on a stand and enjoy a disco party with flash.

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