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Sunday, 24 June 2018



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Life InsuranceThe greatest factor in having life insurance is providing for those you leave behind. This is extremely important if you have a family that is dependent on your salary to pay the bills. Industry experts suggest a life insurance policy should cover "ten times your yearly income." This sum would provide enough money to cover existing expenses, funeral expenses and give your family a financial cushion. That cushion will help them re-group after your death.

When estimating the amount of life insurance coverage you need, remember to factor in not only funeral expenses, but also mortgage payments and living expenses such as loans, credit cards and taxes, but also child care, and future college costs.

LIMRA, formerly known as the Life Insurance Marketing & Research Association, says that if the primary wage earner dies in a family with dependent children that family will only be able to cover their living expenses for a few months, and four in 10 would have difficulty immediately.

The two basic types of life insurance are Traditional Whole Life and Term Life. Simply explained, Whole Life is a policy you pay on until you die and Term Life is a policy for a set amount of time. You should seek the advice of a financial expert when planning your life insurance needs. There are considerable differences between the two policies. In deciding between these two, consumers should consider their age, occupation, number of dependent children and other factors to ensure they have the coverage necessary to protect their families. (For additional reading, see What To Expect When Applying For Life Insurance.)

Health Insurance
A recent Harvard study noted that statistically, "your family is just one serious illness away from bankruptcy." They also concluded that, "62% of all personal bankruptcies in the U.S. in 2007 were caused by health problems and 78% of those filers had medical insurance at the start of their illness."

Those numbers alone should urge you to obtain health insurance, or increase your current coverage. The key to finding adequate coverage is shopping around. While the best option and the least expensive is participating in your employer's insurance program, many smaller businesses do not offer this benefit.


Finding affordable health insurance is difficult, particularly without an employer-sponsored program or if you have a pre-existing condition. According to the Kaiser/HRET survey, the average premium cost to the employee in an employer sponsored health care program was around $4,100. With rising co-payments, yearly deductibles and dropped coverage's, health insurance has become a luxury less and less can afford, yet even a minimal policy is better than having no coverage. The cost for a day in the hospital can range from $985 to $2,696. Even if you have minimal coverage, it can provide some monetary benefit for your hospital stay.

As the health care debate continues in Washington, approximately 48 million Americans are without insurance coverage. Check with your employer regarding health care benefits, inquire of any occupational organizations that you belong to regarding possible group health coverage. If you are over age 50, AARP has some health insurance offers available. (To learn more, check out Buying Private Health Insurance.)

Long-Term Disability Coverage
This is the one insurance most us think we will never need, as none of us assumes we will become disabled. Yet, statistics from the Social Security Administration show that three in 10 workers entering the workforce will become disabled, and will be unable to work before they reach the age of retirement. Of the population, 12% are currently disabled in some form, and nearly 50% of those workers are in their working years.

Even those workers that have great health insurance, a nice nest egg and a good life insurance policy never prepare for the day when they might not be able to work for weeks, months or may not ever be able to return to the job. While health insurance pays for your hospitalization and medical bills, where is money coming from to pay those daily expenses that your paycheck covers? Here are a few very sobering statistics regarding disability:


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